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A fresh start

As the new year starts, it’s usually a time when we reflect on our personal and work life – on the success we’ve had in the year past, and what we want to accomplish in the year ahead, as well as areas we want to improve on.

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So, have you set your new year resolutions? Or have you long decided that approach never lasts – I know I have.

Then how do we weave our aspirational goals (and new year resolutions) with the reality of busy lives, especially when we are pulled in many directions?

At the end of last year, I started reading about Dr Michael Mosley’s ‘Just One Thing’ (initially a podcast series, and now available as a book):

"We all want quick and easy ways to improve our health, but when it comes to diet, fitness and wellbeing it can be hard to know where to turn for accurate information. Harder still is finding things that fit into your day."

The book presents scientifically proven facts around changing one small thing in your daily routine to significantly benefit your health. I’m in!

Of course, the approach of small incremental changes isn’t new, but applying it to my health and wellbeing resonated with me.

And that led me to reflect on conversations with clients…

At Nutshell Money the focus is on small changes that you can make with your money management so that you’re in control – and using your money to create your best life.

But if a client is overwhelmed with their money management, I’ll be taking it a step further – instead of talking about small changes, we’ll get to the nitty gritty of it with just one thing.

Because that’s all we need – a safe, comfortable, and sustainable start. And with the success of that one thing, we build the confidence for another.

As we ease into 2023, try the just one thing approach for yourself – whether for your health and wellbeing, your career, or your money management.

Good luck with your just one thing – and best wishes for the year ahead.

Need support

If you’d like to work with a money coach to find out more about the small changes you can make with your money management, contact Victoria Wallis-Smith or schedule a call using the link below.


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