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Is it time for a change?

Do you feel stuck, that things could (and should) be better? But do you think you’re bad with money?

Negative thought patterns are familiar to all of us, especially in the face of challenges. But this type of thinking does absolutely nothing towards solving a problem. It does, however, play a huge role in perpetuating them.

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There’s no question that it’s more comfortable to stick to the usual patterns. Change challenges us – it’s hard work. We’re wired to take the ‘easier’ path.

Many years ago, I had a realisation – if I didn’t like how things were, I could stress and whinge about it, but nothing would change.

Change would only happen when I THOUGHT it could happen, and when I was FEELING ready to put changes into ACTION that created the RESULTS I wanted.

We tell our kids “You can do it”. Is it time to start telling yourself the same thing?

It’s having the self-belief, or a positive mindset. Call it what you will, but if you want to get your finances in better shape, you’ll need to start by thinking that you can change…. like the Nike tagline “Just do it”.

Here’s three ways to start transforming your mindset:

Be aware of negative talk

A cycle of negative thinking usually stems from a trigger – a gasp worthy electricity bill or, it might even stem from gazing enviously at a new car you can’t afford right now.

Whatever it is, be aware of your thought patterns, and what triggers them. I know that might sound hard but it’s an important part of the process.

The easiest way to monitor your thoughts is via your emotions. If you feel stressed, anxious, worried, or nervous about money, chances are it’s time to halt your thoughts and switch any self-defeating thoughts to positive ones.

‘Positive thinking’ isn’t just a self-help slogan – it’s literally taking control.

Making a change starts with thinking it’s possible … and then taking the steps to improve your financial position (and life in general).

What’s the solution?

Focusing on a problem with feelings of worry or frustration isn’t going to solve it.

Let’s say you receive that gasp-worthy electricity bill. It’s a shock, and it’s creating feelings of stress – it is exorbitant after all.

But after your initial reaction, calm those energy-sucking emotions right there! Instead, move your energy to focus on the solution:

  • What actions can you take to manage this?

  • What can you change to improve the situation?

Remember that the time you spend focusing negatively on a problem, is a wasted opportunity to come up with a solution.

With our electricity bill example… Maybe some short-term cutbacks can buy some breathing space for your cashflow. Maybe when you look at your cashflow you decide a utility bill savings bucket is needed. These actions don’t change the bill but it’s keeping you in control of your finances, and making a change that will give you results (even if it takes time).

Life is for living

There’s no question that building your savings and using cashflow to achieve your financial goals is important.

But, if you focus all your attention on cutting expenses to save, your mindset may be about deprivation. And that’s harder to stick to in the long run.

Instead, strive for a money-mindset that’s a positively motivated one.

Don’t focus on what you’ve needed to reduce and cut back on. Celebrate your success in another week of saving that it taking you closer to your goal.

The outcome is the same – saving towards a goal. But celebrating a ‘win’ is positive, and positive feelings drive positive actions, and the results will follow.

The challenge of change

It can be hard work to make changes, but coaching provides support and accountability.

If you want a money coach by your side as you transform your mindset, and change your approach to money management, get in touch.

You can schedule a complimentary call using the link below, and we can discuss if Nutshell Money is the right fit for you. What are you waiting for?


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