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Money Coaching FAQ

Let's follow the show & tell "What is money coaching?" with the questions I'm often asked about one-on-one coaching.

Money Coach. FAQ. Ask a coach. What is money coaching.

How do you provide coaching to clients?

At Nutshell Money, the initial program for one-on-one coaching is the Flying Start.

You have a little bit of prep work before we meet, then we have a 2hour session at the Nutshell Money office on Hutt Street, Adelaide (or we can meet online).

Then a couple of weeks later we have a Follow-up Call – it’s a 30min phone call to talk about your progress on your Quick Win, and any questions you might have.

The cost is $375 and includes a stock-take of where you are at, an action plan to help you achieve your financial goal using the Nutshell Steps and identifying a Quick Win – so you really do get off to a Flying Start.

What happens after the Flying Start program?

It’s important to understand that your money management habits aren’t going to change overnight.

​The Nutshell Bootcamp was designed as a ‘deep dive’ – providing the coaching and support you need, to confidently embed a different approach, and change your relationship with money – for life.

It’s a series of eight, personal one-on-one coaching sessions, held over 3 months and it’s available once you’ve completed the Flying Start program.

Why not do it myself?

Working with a coach will motivate you to take action and hold you accountable – that's harder to do on your own.

At Nutshell Money, it’s not more financial knowledge it’s about how to APPLY knowledge – it’s working with you to help you define your goals and priorities, so your money has purpose, and creating a money management system that works for you.

It’s about being honest with yourself – we all know how easy it can be to make excuses… “This has been an expensive month, so I’ll start saving next month.” That's where the accountability of working with a coach is invaluable.

Do I need a money coach or a financial adviser?

Having been a financial adviser for many years, it should come as no surprise that I believe both have their place – and that one is not necessarily better than the other – they’re just different.

A financial adviser develops a written plan to address investing, retirement planning, and insurance, with a focus on suitable products and strategies for your personal situation.

But for most people, concerns about money are at a more day to day level – how to live comfortably within their means and still manage to get ahead.

And that’s where a money coach can help.

The Nutshell Money coaching program works with you one-on-one to:

  • set your financial goals and provide the support you need to achieve them,

  • learn better money habits and how to stick to them, and

  • make financial decisions with confidence.

In a nutshell – make money simple!

What else do I need to know?

No coach is a miracle worker! At Nutshell Money, you’ll receive support and coaching – and the occasional prod to act when it’s needed.

But getting better at anything takes commitment – so be prepared to put in the work.

How do I get started?

If you have any questions, schedule a complimentary Let’s Chat call – you can tell me what you want to achieve from coaching, we can talk about the Nutshell approach, and if a Flying Start is the right fit for you.

Or get started straight away, and book your Flying Start using the link below – what are you waiting for?


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