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Stop reading blogs... and take action!

It’s great that you’re here – taking time out of your busy life to gain more knowledge through a blog.

And is this the only blog you read? Probably not.

There are so many great blogs out there – full of fantastic information and tips – whether about money, health, parenting, travel and loads of other topics. Isn’t it great, to be able to have all this information at our fingertips?

Or is it?

What if we used our time and energy to stop consuming information, and instead focus on taking action?

Money blogs. Taking action.

Just another money blog

The Nutshell blogs aim to provide you with bite-sized pieces of information, as well as the Nutshell take on money management. And over time you get a sense of the Nutshell approach – and you gain confidence that Nutshell has the experience and skill to provide the service you need.

That’s pretty much the purpose of a blog – any blog. And the Nutshell goal is for one of two things to occur:

  1. You take action – and work on your money management, making it a priority in your life.

  2. You take action – and decide to work with a money coach to improve your money management, making it a priority in your life.

Notice something?

“But I don’t have the time”

We’re busy. Always busy.

But have you ever driven to the car wash?…. and do you want to do more exercise? Would you like more ‘me-time’?…. and does the dog need to be walked more often?

Okay, so it’s a simplistic view but you get the idea.

How we use our time and money is all about the values and priorities we have, the goals we set, and our mindset.

So, are you reading blogs, or taking action? Is it time to change?

The first step is the hardest

Taking action can be hard – knowing where to start, and how to start might feel overwhelming.

But what if I ask you to take one step toward better money management? Nothing too hard, just one small step – an action – that you can take right now:

  • Diarise ‘money time’ in your diary – a weekly recurring appointment with yourself.

You’re busy, I know, but now you’ve got an appointment that gives you:

  • Time to start managing your money. Get clear head space around what you need to do to manage your money better – whatever that means for you.

  • A reason to say “no” to other things because you’ve already got an appointment

So, what are you waiting for? What will you do after reading this blog – will you take action?

Nutshell is here

I’d love to know how you go taking action – you can get in touch here. It’s always exciting to hear about the wins clients have – let’s celebrate every step you take.

And of course, if in taking action you’d like to discuss working together, you can book a Let’s Chat call – remember every step you take, is one to celebrate.


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