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Want to find $2,000?

Of course you do – not many people would say "no" to having a bit more cash in the bank.

The good news is it might be easier than you think to get your hands on $2,000.

Saving. Takeaway Coffee. Reduce Costs. Find Money. Money Coach.

Full disclosure: you're not about to get $2,000 today. But with a little bit of effort, you only need to find savings of about $167 a month, and over the next year, that will add up.

Tip – When we break a goal down into bite-size pieces, it feels more achievable.

Let's look at five ways to save:

1. Trim your monthly bills

All too often we pay for services than we don’t really need – how many streaming services are you paying for, and how many are you using?

And how about reviewing your mobile phone plan and your utilities. Another easy picking is the landline – if you still have one, do you really need it?

With a quick trim of the 'low hanging fruit' you've taken your first step to finding some savings.

Saving no. 1 ≈ $30 per month

2. Eat in more than out

Okay, so this seems an obvious one but it’s an expense we tend to underestimate.

A recent survey found the average spend on takeaway food is $32 per week. Of course, we all want the convenience now and again, but it adds up. So, try committing to eating in every night for at least one week each month to save an easy thirty bucks.

But it’s not just takeaway food – if a takeaway coffee costs $5, then one less each week is another easy saving of $20 a month.

Saving no. 2 ≈ $52 per month

3. Use a list at the supermarket

Using a shopping list helps you stay focused and let’s be honest, not only is it better for your wallet, but it's also probably better for healthy eating habits.

Making small changes to your shopping like buying bulk and buying generic can easily add up.

Saving no. 3 ≈ $20 per month

Note: For bigger household purchases, do your research from the comfort of your sofa to save $’s.

4. Use discount vouchers

Another saving at the supermarket comes in the form of discount vouchers. These are available through RAA membership, as well as the supermarket stores (when you buy a voucher).

The average weekly shop for a family can be over $400, so a 5% discount is a saving of $20, or around $80 a month.

Saving no. 4 ≈ $80 per month

5. Sell unwanted goods on Marketplace

We've already found over $2,000 in savings over a year. But there's still more to find.

When was the last time you had a clear out of the shed, the spare room, or your wardrobe?

These days it's easy to sell your unwanted goods on Marketplace – if you can make $100 or even $1,000 that's a great boost to your Rainy-Day Reserve account, or the start of savings towards you next goal.

Saving no. 5 ≈ $?

Want to save more?

At Nutshell Money, we love a quick win – and importantly, the small savings that start to make a difference.

But of course, there's more to saving than a discounted shopping voucher. If you'd like to know more, use the link below to book a Let's Chat call with Victoria at Nutshell Money.


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