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Meet Victoria

Before becoming a money coach, I spent 14 years as a civil engineer and 6 years as a financial planner. But that’s not my whole story.

Like many people, I didn’t learn about money at school. I didn’t learn from my parents or friends. I learnt from my mistakes...

Fresh out of university in Glasgow, I was keen to get adult life underway. 

First Job. Tick 

First Home. Tick 

Car, Holiday, Social life. Tick 

Debt. Tick. Tick. Tick!

I had a good graduate job and a pay packet to match – I figured I had it made, right? 

But I quickly discovered that the glue holding it all together was debt – home loan debt, credit card debt, personal loan debt. Mix in no savings against a rainy day, and I was on a road to nowhere. 

Victoria Wallis-Smith. Money Coach.

I remember my moment of clarity – in a supermarket, trying to work out which card had enough credit to pay for my groceries. How did that happen?


With hindsight, I can see my mistakes. But it built up so slowly, I really didn’t see it coming. 

Never one to do things by halves, the turning point for me came when I quit my job, sold everything, and relocated my life to the other side of the world. And dumb luck was on my side – the sale of my Glasgow flat cleared all my debt in one fell swoop!

I was ready for a fresh start in Adelaide. And this time around, I was going to do things differently.

I started on a journey, learning to use money the right way – where I was in control of my money and not the other way around. ​

Fast forward 20 years – I had shifted careers from civil engineering to financial planning, and together with my husband, was running a successful business, advising people about money. 

But I wasn't helping people with the everyday challenges – and I knew that's where I could make a difference. 

How could I take my experiences in life and the world of money and use them to make things simpler, for more people – people like I used to be. 

Nutshell Money was born!

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