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Financial Workshops


Practical education to build a positive relationship with money, empowering financial change.

Your relationship with money

Whether you’ve got lots of it or hardly any, money is linked to much of the stress in our lives.


With financial stress costing Australian business an estimated $66billion each year, and almost a quarter of employees reporting feeling "moderate or severe financial stress" – a different approach is needed.

We provide financial education backed by practical tools, to build a positive relationship with money, empowering financial change.

Financial workshops can boost team morale and employee satisfaction, increasing productivity and reducing staff turnover.

The path to better money management and reduced financial stress for your team, starts with Nutshell Money's Paycheck to Purpose program in your business.

Paycehck to Purpose. Financial Wellness.
Money Coaching. Paycheck to Purpose.

Reduce financial stress

Nutshell Money’s Paycheck to Purpose program provides practical education and activity-based group workshops to build a positive relationship with money, improving wellbeing and empower financial change.

The program is designed to demystify the mechanics of money, shrug off fear, and empower participants to make better choices. By taking control of their finances and improving everyday money management, participants can reach their full financial potential.

The Paycheck to Purpose program will progress participants through a structured curriculum flexible enough to meet each individual need.

Importantly, there is no need or expectation to disclose personal information.

A positive environment and less financial stress at works and at home means happier people, teams and co-workers.

Instead of living paycheck to paycheck – live Paycheck to Purpose!

More than a third of the Australian population finds dealing with money, or even thinking about it, ‘stressful and overwhelming’.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (2018): Australian financial attitudes and behaviour tracker (p5)

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